Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't think I could be paid $1Million dollars to go back to junior high or high school. Those days are filled with gossip, backstabbing, lies, fakeness and insecurity. Sounds like a hit reality show!

My oldest daughters experience is the same. Each day when she gets in the car she cries and tells me how hard it is and no one likes her. Everyday there is some sort of drama. It all revolves around people talking about each other and worrying about what's going on in each others lives and loosing focus on our own.

Girls and grown women are drawn into negative gossip and chitter chatter. I'm guilty and I really struggle with this. When we talk badly of someone we can't ever take that back. I tell my daughter don't say anything about someone unless you would say it to their face. But, do I do this too? No, I'm just as guilty as her.

I don't care if your 13 or 34 it still hurts when you hear someone has said something bad about you. The best example I can make to my 13 year old is living by example. When I want to say something negative about someone I need to stop and think before I speak. It makes life simpler but not so interesting....I think boring can be good.

Proverbs 21:23

"He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from trouble"


  1. Such a great filter to run things through. I know we are all guilty of saying things behind someone's back. How sad your daughter is always in tears - kids can just be so darn mean to each other. :-(

  2. I need to start doing the same thing. I try very hard to say nice things about people, but there are times wehre I catch myself saying something negative and my kids pick up on that. And I really want them to be nice to everyone!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! It is all so true! I struggle sometimes with this too. My oldest daughter just started Jr. High this year and although she has become not as open as she used to be in talking to me, I know she struggles with the same things your daughter does and I did too. Thanks for reminding me to live by example and just always be there in case she needs me to just listen!!!

  4. Yes, we all struggle with this! I even notice it with the 2nd graders Caroline's around! It breaks my heart to hear her come home and tell me about a mean little girl who talks about the other girls! Luckily so far, she seems immune to it and gets mad for the other girls who get their feelings hurt. I try to be a good example for her, but I catch myself doing the same thing.