Friday, November 5, 2010

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

"Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. Six days you may labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the sabbath day of the Lord, your God" Exodus 20:8-10

God commands us to keep the sabbath day holy, Sunday in our times. For many, many years it was unheard of for business to be up and running on Sundays. Now days in 2010 I can name only a handful of businesses that close on Sunday. We all get cravings to go to Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A on Sunday but their Christian business owners honor the Lord Gods request.

God knows how hard we work, this is his gift to us. A day of rest. How many of us truly use it as a day of rest? Ummmm, I'm guilty of sending my kids to dance rehearsals, sports practice, doing laundry, cleaning the house, my husband catching up on work, we're very guilty of disobeying this commandment. Until a few weeks ago...

My husband and I feel very called to go back to the Bible and follow the 10 commandments. Not the 2010 norms but God's rules, free of space and time. We've reflected and talked. We've made a hard decision. We are taking a stand no more sports practice, dance practice and no labor. We will have a true holy sabbath day of rest.

It's going to be hard. Once you take a stand all kinds of opportunities will present themselves. I'm sure our kids will be told they can't compete on a team if they miss Sunday practice. This is when we will have to take a tough stand. Remember up until the past 30 years this was unheard of. Sunday has become a day of progress not rest. Is this from God?

This Sunday take a look at your activities and approach it as a blessing for a day of rest. Go to church and spend the day with your family. Take time to talk turn the TV off and enjoy each other. Not everyone is called to take this drastic stand but take one step at a time. Do as our Lord asks, just rest and thank him for your blessings.


  1. I love that your doing this, it is impossible for us to do this every single week because my husband is a paramedic so he occassionaly has to work on Sundays BUT we do designate a day on those weeks to have our family time.

  2. I also love what you are doing! And it is sometimes hard for us to do this as well. Being self employed sometimes means that you have to work on Sundays, but Friday night is family night and most Sundays we are able to go to church.

  3. When did Sunday become the mecca of youth sports? Good for you! It's time we ALL take a stand! Children need to understand the value of rest!