Sunday, November 27, 2011

Emotions of Moving

I'm not sure where to share my feelings about moving. All I can tell you it's very emotional.

As most of you know 4 months ago we moved about 45 minutes away from our city and decided to move to the country. Country being 20 minutes from the nearest grocery and gas station. We're not really far out.

You would think 45 minutes from our old town, friends and activities would be no big deal. Honestly I think moving 4 hours away would have been the same. People you see daily at the gym, school, and activities keep on and you start a new routine too. It's extremely difficult to keep friendships up. That is the hard part. With the best intentions you say let's keep in touch. In most cases it doesn't happen, but for a few the friendships grow into a stronger foundation. It's work and you make it happen.

My children have encountered it too. I encourage new friendships and get them involved with new people. Luckily they have done well and are making fast friends. It breaks my heart when my son looks at his old yearbook each night as he goes to sleep. I know he's trying his hardest to move on. My oldest (9th grade) recently spent the weekend in our old town with some friends. It was a sad and hard good-bye. Lots of tears.

Change is hard, very hard. I don't adapt well to change. My old performance reviews told me so when I was working. It's no surprise.

This is the change I prayed for and yearned for. I don't regret it, it's just hard.

It's easy to throw a pitty party for myself starting over but I can't. I'm taking every chance to meet new people and throw us into our new community.

Our new church has been wonderful. We picked the city based on the church. It is exactly what we wanted and we couldn't be happier. We are meeting new friends very quickly. We finally have an overlap of school, church, and activities within the city.

When you are in a big suburb of cities it's easy to loose your city identity and not overlap friends. We really wanted to be apart of a community, let me tell you this new community is all about city pride and good ole fashioned Texas sports. That is exciting for us.

I felt I needed to write this down. I have friends that might not understand the change I've taken. All I can say is God is transforming my life.... rapidly.

I'm no longer sitting at the computer for hours, waiting in endless traffic, getting dressed up to go to the store, going to the gym daily and never feeling skinny enough. These were areas I really prayed to heal in my personally. I didn't like the person I was becoming. I was fake and easily shallow.

The rug was literally pulled out from under me and change was immediate. It's taken me 4 months to call this place home. In my mind I thought since we haven't sold our old house I could just go back. When I really thought long and hard I don't want to. I want to be where I am today.

Today we visited our old church. Bittersweet it was. I also realized on our way "home" this is where I am now and I need to embrace it and move forward.

Life has brought change and it's what we needed even if it's not what we expected. Our ultimate goal is to get to heaven. Sometimes things need to be shaken up a bit and you need to be reminded of what's really important.