Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life is Short

All this technology and blogging has opened up the world. Recently 2 bloggers who have in real life friends of mine have had my prayers. This pregnant young mother was killed in a car wreck. This young husband with a pregnant wife and kids died of heart problems. A fellow blogger Pennies on a Platter is donating all of her blog proceedes to the King family for January help out and visit this great food blog. Two very tragic stories. This is my 2011 New Years Resolution. It's more about the way I live life. I'm going to turn my glass over from half empty to half full.

It reminds me life is short,
Love God deeply,
Follow his word in your daily life,
Love and don't take a minute for granted with your family,
Don't regret think through your decisions first,
Say your sorry,
Don't waste your time,
Forgive and move on,
Count your blessings,
Smile more,
Laugh and enjoy life,
Learn when to move on.... it might not be in God's plan,
Play with your kids,
Use your nice china and crystal,
Burn the candles you've been saving,
Get rid of jeans that are too small...don't worry about trying to get back into them,
Tell your friends and family how special they are,
Don't let negative people bring you down,
You don't take anything with you.... not even your clothes,
Most of all enjoy each moment as it could be your last.

What you leave behind is your memory. Think about it.... if today was your last what would people remember? What is your legacy?

The next moment it a gift, now live life the way God intended it. Not selfishly but loving.

Blessings and Happy New Year.



  1. Thank you for posting the link and helping to raise awareness. We're doing well and I'm excited to see the turn out at the end of the month! :) God bless.

  2. Kingdom Perspective. God's been teaching my husband and I about having this and asking for it on a daily basis. It really does change the way you live. For us, it's finances that it has drastically canged. just found your blog - LOVE IT. I'm adding it to mine. :) Thanks for te encouragement.