Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

I say this part daily when I say the Lord's Prayer. That is a major commonality among the Christian religions.

When I was thinking about this verse I thought of something that really effects me.... Facebook. I have this love/ hate relationship with Facebook. It's like I'm back in high school.... everyone's doing it and I miss out on info if I'm not on.

I took a break a few months ago and it was wonderful I didn't have to hear so many people brag and go on and on about themselves. Then I got sucked back in because I do have some good friends on it and I like to look at their family pictures plus... I like to snoop around on people. OK I admit it you can see what people are doing without really talking to them.

So I was on the other day, here's where the lead me not into temptation comes in. I look at some of my high school friends pages. I instantly am thrown back into those insecure days and seeing how beautiful these girls look, their fancy homes and great lives. Of course everyone has a perfect life on FB. Everyone has the best photo to make them look great. Do you ever see a horrible photo? No! Mine is taken over a year ago. I'm guilty too!

I instantly feel fat, ugly and insecure. Five minutes before I felt like I was doing ok. I have 4 kids and some extra baby weight but who really cares?

Since most people highlight their life in photos. If someone has an event you know if you weren't invited instantly. That increases our adult insecurities.

We all have the friends who update their status 20 times a day. Do they have anything else do to? That really annoys me.

My dilemma, we refuse to let our 13 year old daughter have a facebook. It causes too much drama and I see how the kids talk bad about each other. I had a conversation with the school assistant principal about this. I'm afraid she will become obsessed with reading about others. I want to protect her as long as I can.

Back when I was in junior high we had 3 way calling with no caller ID. If you wanted to hear someone talk about about you, you would be silent and catch them in the act. I was bad doing this. I even recorded someone talking bad and played it at a slumber party. Yes, I was a mean girl.

I always thought when I grew up I would never be insecure or jealous. Old people don't worry about that stuff. Well this 33 year old women sadly still gets sucked into these feelings. I pray about it daily. I ask for God to give me graces and the message I keep hearing... "Lead me not into temptation".

Does Facebook make you feel bad at times too?


  1. So true (I hide the people that are most perfect)- but I feel that way too sometimes just reading other's blogs. It's hard - but then I look at my facebook page - and there are only good photos on there - and never a complaint about my life - so I guess I'm guilty too! Followed you over from your Frugal blog and am a new follower :)

  2. I used to have a facebook, and even though I am 26 and don't have to deal with 'high school drama' there seemed to be a lot of it associated with the site. That being said having certian friends caused problems in my marriage so I deleted it. So to eliminate drama and everything that goes along with it, Facebook had to go and I honestly have to say I do not miss it at all :)

  3. I did a clean sweep of mine not to long ago, deleted anyone who I don't really talk to and/or didn't really care for in the first place but felt bad for declining a request. I no longer feel guilty about declining someone. It's just not a good thing when I look at someones facebook just to only thing bad things about them or myself later. So, now I am down to close friends, some blog friends, and family. (oh and I am one of those that post way to often but mainly because I have it on my phone and it's entirely too convient!)

  4. Just wanted to say YAY for you friend! Glad you're stepping out and doing this! Miss you loads!

  5. You probably know how much I love facebook! I don't get caught up in what others look like or what they have. I feel blessed to have what I have and that's that. The subject of Bragging is a little hard though. I try not to boast, but at the same time I like to share good news, etc. I think facebook is like anything else...it can be overdone and excessive. I can especially see it being an issue with teenagers. nathan isn't on there yet. We are currently thinking about that.

    I really like the ease of FB when keeping in touch with people. I'm in touch with so many people that I lost touch with before. And I'm glad about that.

    I do think you should not have friends that are a bad influence though. I have one that constantly uses bad language in her posts so I just blocked all her posts.

  6. It's interesting. I, too, have a love/hate with FB. I don't brag (but I also don't update my status very often). My issue is more that it's so easy to get sucked in. It's such a waste of time, for the most part--it seems like there are either those people who comment 20 times a day, or there are those that never comment, so FB seems to always be the same people saying basically the same thing. BUT--I do have one or two good friends that I like to keep up with and it's convenient, although then I get sucked in and end of spending an hour reading everyone's updates. It also seems like the more I look at FB, the more I WANT to look at FB--almost like an addiction (I know, it sounds ridiculous). Because really, the time that I've spent on FB could be time I'm spending with my children--which is infinitely more important!
    One more thing: I'm having another FB issue because I have a photography business and I keep reading how important it is to have a business FB page. I can barely keep up with my personal blog, business web site, business blog, and personal FB. I can't add one more thing! Help!
    Sorry I wrote a novel! : )