Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not always safe

My last post now seems more relevant. We Christian moms must stand together to fight off this immorality that is seeping into our children's lives.

I told you I would have some stories when I started this blog. Well here we go.....

Yesterday I got an email from my 8th grade daughters Health teacher who is also a coach. He requested the kids to watch "The Bachelor" on TV. My first reaction was "here we go again". I thought long and hard about my response. I'm trying not to jump on everything as an overprotective mom, but this was a moral issue. I had to stand up.

I sent an email to the teacher and told him that I saw no educational value in this show and it represents everything wrong with what our children see on TV. I want my daughter to be modest and not provocative and promiscuous. Same goes for the boys. I don't want my son going on national TV being a player.

I get a response, usually my correspondence with school staff starts with Mrs. and my last name. Not this time. I get Ma'am, what??? Um no, I'm a parent who should be respected with a Mr or Mrs. Whew, let that one go but it further reinforces my concerns. He next tells me that he wants them to watch the show to show how bad behavior and reality shows can effect their personal health. He also said he has kids and understands why we wouldn't let her watch the show and that he doesn't like the show.

Makes no sense to me. So he wouldn't let his own kids watch it so why should mine?

This brings me to my point. As parents we have to be aware and involved in what goes on in the classroom. Just because they are at school doesn't mean they are getting the same values taught to them. This reinforces my opinion we must be open with our kids so they will talk to us.

Kate made the decision on her own that she wanted to transfer out of the class and into art. This class is where they will discuss sex education. I don't think it was heading in the right direction. Next thing, um let's watch this part of a movie just so you know what "not" to do.

Doesn't work for me!

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  1. I was in shock when you posted about this. That's the last thing I want my daughter to see. Now I can say that there are nights that she is sitting with me when I'm watching something not appropriate for her, but not because I want her to see it or because I'm a bad mother...but more because I take for granted her age. I still think of her as a 4 yr. old who is oblivious. Then it dawns on me and I change the channel.

    But for a teacher to assign that as homework...not acceptable. The teachers don't get to chose the morals our children have. and having them watch that show isn't teaching them anything. I get what his point is, but do I really want my kid to watch a guy kiss 15 different girls to prove a point? NO!

    I knew you would have something to say about this, and I'm thrilled to know that you stood up for your daughter and the morals you are trying to instill in your children!