Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twists and Turns

I think that would be the title of a book on my life. Just when I think I'm heading in one direction my focus shifts and I go down a path I never expected.

One of my faults is I'm not good with change. I grew up in the same town in the same house and never moved until I got married. This is a sharp contrast to my husband. In our 10 years of marriage we've moved 6 times. We're coming up on move 7 and 8.

We put our house up on the market a few months ago. It was sparked because our son's elementary school was going to be closed to new transfers. That meant the little girls would attend a different elementary school one we dislike..... a lot.

So we took the opportunity to not just move around the corner but to move about 45 minutes away. We found a great town with great schools, church and most of all land.

During the decision process I've prayed and asked God for guidance and for his will to be done. Specifically I've prayed for the door to open if were meant to move and to shut it if not... actually slam it.

So we fell in love with house's #1 and #2 both lost to other buyers. Door shut.

In the meantime we had no interest in our home and we let our daughter try out for the drill team at our current location. Honestly, we wanted to just live and not focus on moving. It's been a dream of hers for years. So we did it and she made it. Yes, I've already gotten criticism for allowing her to try out when we're possibly moving. I've been confronted and punched in the gut (not literally) by other parents of girls who made it asking about our plans.

Seriously, who's business is it anyways?

Just as we think of waiting until next year another twist...... we have very strong interest in our home and we could be moving after all. Door open.

I find out the transfer reason isn't a reason after all.... Door ajar midway?????

I wonder what is this all about in the first place? This situation has made me evaluate many things in my life. It showed me I want a simple life, I want land, a place for the kids to play outside without fear of getting run over. I want to live in a small town where people know you. I don't want it to take 30 minutes to go 10 miles because of traffic. I want to attend a small church where it's about God not how much money you give and which side of the tracks you live on.

For many years I obsessed over moving across town to the fancy part with a huge McMansion and a fancy Lexus SUV.... really I did. Then when the opportunity presents itself it's not what I want now. My heart has changed and did a turn around. I don't want that anymore.

I have to ask myself: Did Jesus live in a fancy house with all the riches in the world. No, he didn't he was a humble servant of the people with a simple life and a simple goal of leading the world to his father.

So it's no surprise I'm being called to a simple life. It just took a big knock on the head to lead me in the right direction. Door open.......

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